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Manufacturing conditions and technical level of metal stamping parts

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Good production conditions and technical level have a great impact on the design of hardware technology and mold development;

Before the production of metal stamping parts, according to the factory's capacity and processing methods, the process plan of metal stamping parts should be formulated to improve the feasibility of the scheme;

Generally speaking, if the die making capacity of the stamping parts processing plant is poor, it is not suitable to adopt the composite stamping or continuous stamping process scheme, so as to avoid that the manufacturing of the composite die or progressive die can not meet the design requirements. On the contrary, if the molding conditions and technical level of the factory are high, and the metal stamping products are mass produced, the multi process composite stamping or multi station continuous stamping should be adopted Stamping process plan to meet the requirements of mass production of metal stamping parts;

Die manufacturing conditions and technical level of stamping parts mainly refer to die processing equipment conditions, heat treatment and technical inspection conditions, die materials, specifications and supply of standard parts, processing and assembly technology level of mold manufacturing workers.

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